A shell-shocked Cassie and Matilda crawl out of the wrecked car, luckily unharmed following the crash. Simon and three of his mates follow suit, but Aden is struggling with his leg which looks seriously damaged. Simon and his mates scarper into the bush before the police arrive to find Cassie over the limit. She lies to them about the number of people who were in the car before the crash.

The police end up suspending her licence, and find out she was telling fibs about the number of people in the car. With this in mind, they have little reason to believe her when a blood test shows she had inhaled marijuana, and she tells them it was only second-hand smoke.

Matilda refuses to take any responsibility for coercing her friend into driving, and when Aden’s father blames Cassie for his son’s serious injury, it looks like she’s in a big trouble. How will Cassie get out of this one?

Also, after the alcohol-fuelled car crash, it comes out that Drew sold the alcohol to underage Simon, and Drew suddenly finds himself out of a job.

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