Cass’s stalker is revealed…

Elle is shocked to discover Donna has been scaring Cass and insists she come clean. But when Cass threatens to make the stalker pay, Elle stops her confessing. Determined to protect Donna, Elle reluctantly helps her cover up the crime, but when Cass later catches Donna disposing of evidence, the gig is up and Cass calls the police. As Cass insists Donna be charged, Elle bursts in and claims Donna is innocent, claiming she was Cass’s stalker. As the police take Elle away, confused Lucas tries to intervene.

When Elle returns home and admits she didn’t think Lucas would understand her motives, the rift between them grows. Meanwhile, frustrated Donna spells it out for Cass once and for all that Elle has falsely confessed and Donna is the guilty one. As Cass realises the depths of her daughter’s resentment, pride stops them reconciling and they both break down – alone.

When Rebecca realises she can’t afford to offer sponsorship from Charlie’s for the new netball team, the Erinsborough women struggle to come up with an alternative source of funds. Paul offers to finance the team, and Rebecca’s tempted to swallow her pride and accept his offer. Then Rebecca has another idea that lets her have the last laugh.

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