Robyn’s there, but is Glen going to make it to the church on time?

Most couples only have one crack at their wedding day, but this is take two for Robyn and Glen, after he jilted her first time round.

You know it’s not going to be plain sailing this time either, as Glen’s headaches are worsening.

He’s so worried he even goes into the ED to see Dylan, who tells him he’s in no fit state to
get married.

While Robyn is putting the finishing touches to her outfit and sharing emotional moments with Charlie and Duffy, Glen is wondering whether he needs to come clean with her about
his health.

Is he going to leave his one true love alone at the altar again?

Meanwhile, Elle and Jacob can’t stop bickering after he discovers she’s had a one-night stand, and Alicia makes a genius breakthrough in a tricky case.