Here comes the bride! It's the day of Robyn and Glenn's wedding in Casualty...

Here comes the bride! It’s the day of Robyn and Glenn’s wedding and, although it may not be the fairytale Robyn dreamt of as a child, she’s still as pleased as punch.

Glenn, however, seems a little more reticent, and frets that Robyn doesn’t understand how quickly she’ll be a widow.

As Robyn discovers a health issue of her own and Glenn gets cold feet, will either of them make it up the aisle to become husband and wife?

On the other side of the emergency department, Connie’s back with a bang and you can imagine her reaction when Elle deems her unfit for work following her recent brush with death.

Sorry Elle, but with all your annoying ‘Pudding’ and ‘Pancake’ schtick, we’re definitely on Mrs B’s side…