Casualty spoilers: Connie betrays Duffy!

Connie uses Duffy to save her own skin. Duffy and Charlie face difficult decisions. And a Cold Feet favourite joins Casualty!

Warning: Contains spoilers about Casualty favourites Connie Beauchamp, Duffy Fairhead, Charlie Fairhead, Archie Hudson, David Hide, and many more!

The end for Duffy?

Breaking point? Charlie and Duffy have a decision to make as Connie weaves a web of lies

Breaking point? Charlie and Duffy have a decision to make as Connie weaves a web of lies

If ever there was a time for Connie Beauchamp to come clean about her anxiety issues and diazepam addiction in Casualty, that time is now.

Last week a patient ended up in intensive care after pill-popping Connie (Amanda Mealing) mixed up two unlabelled syringes and directed Duffy Fairhead to the wrong one. This week Connie’s haunted by her actions and writes up a resignation later – until she gets a better idea… why not pin the blame on Duffy, who’s suffering from early onset dementia?

With trouble-shooter Ciaran Coulson looking for answers and the ED rife with gossip, Connie stealthily gets rid of the unlabelled syringes. She then manipulates Charlie (Derek Thompson) into thinking Duffy’s dementia is worse than they thought, but that she’s going to nobly take responsibility and resign as clinical lead!

Believing the lies trusted friend Connie has been feeding them, heartbroken Charlie and Duffy have a difficult heart-to-heart. Will Duffy decide to quit? And how far will troubled Connie go to save her own skin?

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When Rosa met David…

David is tested by new porter Rosa's disregard for rules and regulations

David is tested by new porter Rosa’s disregard for rules and regulations

Cold Feet and Hollyoaks star Jacey Salles joins the cast of Casualty this week as no-nonsense hospital porter Rosa. Her arrival has a big impact on the ED – especially on by-the-book nurse David Hide!

David’s having one of those days, from car trouble to tricky patients, nothing’s going right. But things look up when he meets Venezuelan Rosa outside the ED.

Intrigue instantly turns to irritation, however, when Rosa takes it upon herself to change David’s car tyre, issues orders to patients, gives an angry mother unwanted parenting advice, and introduces herself to clinical lead Connie Beauchamp!

Could this be a curious case of opposites attract?

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Also in Casualty this week…

Cracking Connie. Ciaran is determined to prove Connie's covering her tracks

Cracking Connie. Ciaran is determined to prove Connie’s covering her tracks

Archie Hudson correctly guesses what happened in Resus last week, but without proof the fearless medic is powerless to prevent it happening again. Can she at least convince colleague Will Noble that their mentor needs to be watched closely?

Ciaran Coulson, meanwhile, is out for blood, but Connie manages to remain one step ahead of him at every turn. Will she slip up?

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Paramedics Jan and Ruby find themselves attending a fisherman with potentially career changing injuries.

Elsewhere, Dylan observes that love, or something like it, could be in the air…

Casualty continues this Saturday on BBC1 at 8.25pm