Casualty spoilers: Connie viciously attacked and left for dead!

In this week's Casualty Connie Beauchamp is brutally attacked, Louise battles the system, and Duffy’s dementia fears deepen…

Everything you need to know about this week’s Casualty. Warning: Contains spoilers!

Cowardly attack on Connie

With the emergency department overcrowded this week, clinical lead Connie Beauchamp takes a direct, but unpopular, approach to keeping vital services running. Firstly Connie (Amanda Mealing) dismisses all non-urgent patients, and gets staff to eject drunks, drug addicts and even a lonely elderly lady seeking solace in the ED!

Later, Connie’s bedside manner is curt with the parents of a seriously ill child. After extensive medical diagnoses Connie reveals the mother of all lies, which has the potential to tear a family apart!

Louise stands her ground when it comes to protecting nurses and patients

Louise stands her ground when it comes to protecting nurses and patients

Meanwhile, Connie’s scathing about senior nurse Louise Tyler’s new Body Cam Campaign.

And even meek junior medic Rash Masum finds himself wearily dismissed by Connie when he attempts to talk to her about his future career…

But are any of these incidents connected to what occurs to later in Connie’s shift? Exhausted by the day’s events, Connie is taken by surprise and violently assaulted by an unknown assailant, who leaves her for dead in an isolated stairwell…

For more, read our interview with Amanda Mealing here

Louise battles the system

Dylan pulls some strings to help Louise get Ernest an urgent surgery slot

Dylan pulls some strings to help Louise get Ernest an urgent surgery slot

With assaults on the increase, senior nurse Louise Tyler is determined to protect her nursing staff at any cost. This week Louise (Azuka Oforka) provides nurses with wearable cameras in order to make them feel safer at work, following junior nurse Jade Lovell being bitten by a violent patient last week.

Clinical lead Connie, however, doesn’t support Louise’s campaign and heavily criticises her when a patient refuses to disclose vital information because of the presence of the cameras!

Meanwhile, Louise battles the system to get homeless patient Ernest (Paul Barber) an urgent operation. Between surgery slot cancellations, an unwell anaesthetist and fragile Ernest running out of strength and patience, it’s a race against the clock. But Louise is heartened when doctor pal Dylan Keogh lends a helping hand.

Also this week

Marty and Jade have Ruby in their sights

Marty and Jade have Ruby in their sights

Duffy is still reeling from forgetting estranged husband Charlie Fairhead’s birthday last week, only to later discover a wrapped present and card for him in her locker. This week Duffy’s increasingly distressed by her absentmindedness and attempts to get an important medical appointment brought forward.

Junior nurses Marty and Jade are on the hunt for a roommate and have their eye on unsuspecting paramedic Ruby!

Paramedic Jan takes extra special care of an injured baby boy. Is she thinking of her son Ross?

And Rash has a decision to make about his future, but will girlfriend Gem feature in his long-term plans?