Casualty spoilers: David’s daring rescue!

Can Casualty nurse David Hide save his son and salvage their relationship?

Casualty revealed: this week viewers get a glimpse into the private world of David, Duffy starts a new chapter, Archie returns to work, and new F1 Mason Reede is determined to impress Dylan – it’s a shame, however, that Ethan doesn’t feel the same way!

Warning: Casualty spoilers below!

David’s daring rescue!

Dialling in. David is desperate to locate his son. Why isn't Ollie answering his phone?

Dialling in. David is desperate to locate his son. Why isn’t Ollie answering his phone?

Nurse David Hide risks life and limb this week when his young son Ollie gets into serious danger after running away.

It starts out as a normal day for the endearing ED nurse, until he gets a phone call from his ex wife Rosalene (Monarch of the Glen star Lorraine Pilkington) explaining Ollie’s run away after an argument with her new partner Mark (Alex Avery).

As time passes and Ollie fails to turn up at the ED, David (Jason Durr) becomes frantic, gets permission to leave his shift from clinical lead Dylan Keogh, and retraces Ollie’s last known steps…

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David eventually finds the unhappy teenager sitting on a bridge. But while father and son are exchanging heated words Ollie (Harry Collett) accidentally falls into the fast flowing river! David dives in after him, but by the time he pulls Ollie to safety he’s unresponsive…

Paramedics Iain Dean and Ruby Sparks arrive at the scene, help David stabilise Ollie, and whisk him off to the ED where Dylan (William Beck) has bad news… Ollie has a cardiac tamponade and a broken sternum and needs urgent surgery. Distraught David blames himself as Dylan puts in a demanding call to super surgeon Jac Naylor (Holby City star Rosie Marcel)…

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Can Jac save Ollie and give David a second chance at fatherhood?

Duffy starts a new chapter

In safe hands. Duffy and Charlie make a difficult decision about their future

In safe hands. Duffy and Charlie make a difficult decision about their future

This week former nurse Duffy Fairhead begins a new volunteer job at a Holby care home.

Duffy (Cathy Shipton) quickly discovers that the care home staff, while doing their best, are stretched to capacity and patients are suffering.

When elderly dementia patient Maisie (Margaret Jackman) suffers a fall, Duffy calls the paramedics. At the ED Duffy’s expertise proves invaluable when treating vulnerable Maisie.

Later, Charlie and Duffy have a moving heart-to-heart about what the future holds for them…

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Also in Casualty this week…

Archie's back! What will she think of Dylan's new acting clinical lead role?

Archie’s back! What will she think of Dylan’s new acting clinical lead role?

Fearless doctor Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) returns to work determined to prove herself.

Meanwhile junior doctor Mason is equally determined to impress clinical lead Dylan, who is stressed about breaches in patient treatment time.

Unfortunately for Mason (newcomer Victor Oshin), doctor Ethan Hardy, who is supposed to be monitoring him, is distracted with trying to get Effie Laurence on clinical trial.

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When Mason ends up making a mistake while unsupervised, his colleagues are visibly unsupportive. Fortunately nurse Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) is keeping an eye on the young medic and offers invaluable advice…

Elsewhere, Rosa demonstrates her caring side in more ways than one.

Doctor Will Noble’s unimpressed when he’s left holding a baby, of sorts!

And worlds collide when clinical lead Dylan Keogh orders Holby City surgeon Jac Naylor to perform an urgent operation in the ED…

Will furious Jac forgive Dylan’s abrupt manner when she discovers who the patient is?

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