Casualty spoilers: Duffy’s affair exposed!

Married nurses Charlie and Duffy Fairhead are on the highway to heartbreak. Marty manipulates Robyn. Iain runs away from his problems


There’s an unwritten rule in Tellyland: Whenever you see a happy couple, disaster is about to strike the relationship. This week Casualty does the unthinkable to figureheads Charlie and Duffy Fairhead. Read on, if you dare…

Bill unwittingly opens up to Charlie about his complicated affair with Duffy

Bill unwittingly opens up to Charlie about his complicated affair with Duffy

Chuffy are supremely loved up when we catch up with them this week. It’s been hearts and kisses since Charlie realised how much he’s been neglecting Duffy after she suffered a nasty fall last week. But before you can say ‘original Casualty cast members’ trouble and strife is wheeled into the ED in the form of Bill Crowthers – the man Duffy recently had an ill-advised one-night stand with!

Bill is suffering chest pains after a run-in with his daughter Rachel and ends up under the care of Ethan and – you guessed it – Charlie!

Charlie and Bill get along famously, not realising they both love the same woman, so when Duffy spots them chatting she’s horrified – something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Charlie. Determined to know what ails his wife, Charlie quizzes Bill on how he knows Duffy, only for Bill to blurt out the truth. AWKS!

Charlie is stunned! This leads to a series of emotive events including a showdown, heartbreaking moments of truth, a panic attack, and painful decisions about Chuffy’s future. Could the mum and dad of the ED be headed for divorce?

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Ethan Vs Alicia!

Alicia feels pressure from Ethan to discharge a vulnerable young patient

Alicia feels pressure from Ethan to discharge a vulnerable young patient

Former acting clinical lead, Ethan Hardy, is keen to keep the ED from breaching and puts pressure on Alicia to stick to strict time limits when treating vulnerable patient, Megan. Alicia wants to keep teenage tearaway Megan in for additional tests but relents and discharges her into police custody.

Later, however, Alicia regrets her decision when Megan is brought back into the ED in a more serious condition. Will this lead to a rift between Alicia and Ethan?

Iain goes into hiding

Home alone, Iain sinks deeper into despair

Home alone, Iain sinks deeper into despair

Embarrassed after trying to throw the lips on junior colleague Ruby Sparks while drunk, this week paramedic Iain Dean calls in sick and burrows into his sofa. Ruby, far from being outraged by Iain’s advances, is concerned, as she knows it’s out-of-character behaviour for her co-worker. After attempting to confide in their boss Jan Jenning, Ruby decides to pay Iain a house call. Will exhausted and depressed Iain finally open up about his PSTD following Sam and Mia’s tragic deaths?

Also this week…

Jade with Joshua Bowers. Will she help Marty dupe the good doctor?

Where’s Connie? The ED’s clinical lead takes time off work, leaving consultant Elle Gardner in charge. How will Ethan take the news?

Elsewhere, nurse David Hide is instrumental in helping Alicia get teenage patient Megan the care she desperately needs, proving a real asset to the ED.

Meanwhile, junior nurses Jade and Marty continue with their competitive dating! When Jade’s recent conquest sends sweet treats to the ED, Marty is spurred on to track down doctor Joshua, who’s been ignoring his texts.

At first Marty crashes and burns, but hopes for better luck when he manipulates nurse Robyn Miller into handing over baby Charlotte for the evening. Keeping up the charade that he’s Charlotte’s dad, Marty arranges a dinner date with single dad Joshua…