Casualty spoilers: Iain Dean is back at work – but is it too early?

In this week’s Casualty Iain returns to paramedic duties, Connie shuts herself away, Elle has big news, and Duffy stands firm…

In this week’s Casualty paramedic Iain Dean returns to work. Consultant Elle Gardner makes a decision about her future at Holby ED. Nurse Duffy Fairhead takes a stand in  her professional and personal life. While, clinical lead Connie Beauchamp shuts herself away…

WARNING: Contains spoilers!

Iain returns to work… but is it too soon?

Jan and Ruby welcome Iain to work in their individual styles

Jan and Ruby welcome Iain to work in their individual styles

Iain Dean is so keen to return to paramedic duties that he literally runs to work in this week’s Casualty!

Iain’s been recovering both mentally and physically since a near-fatal overdose led to him needing major surgery. Overall he seems to be taking better care of himself, including taking antidepressant medication, exercising and even (reluctantly!) practising meditation.

Yet, as much as Iain would like everything to be business as usual, his first day back isn’t plain sailing. Those closest to Iain are still shell-shocked by his recent suicide attempt and keeping a close eye on him, with both work partner Ruby Sparks and boss Jan Jennings accompanying him on ambulance duty.

Alarm bells start to ring for Jan (Di Botcher) when Iain gets overly involved with troubled teenage patient Aaron (played by Ty Tennant, Georgia Moffett and David Tennant’s son). Despite Jan’s warnings, Iain can’t seem to help himself, so she sends him home early. But Iain being Iain, he doesn’t leave matters there…

Will Jan be forced to make a difficult decision about Iain’s future?

Duffy shows everyone what she’s made of

Charlie holds his hands up and promises Duffy he won't interfere in her work...

Charlie holds his hands up and promises Duffy he won’t interfere in her work…

Nurse Duffy Fairhead is taking no prisoners this week. First to feel the full force of her wrath is her landlord, who hasn’t fixed the boiler! Next up is estranged husband Charlie, who gets a cool reception when he attempts to re-open the channels of communication with sweet treats and caffeine. Duffy lets him know she’d prefer workplace respect and being allowed to return to medical duties… Charlie agrees, but can he resist micromanaging?

Meanwhile, Duffy’s on a mission to raise funds for dementia. However when Andy, the parent of teenage patient Katie (Shanay Neusum-James) discovers Duffy has been diagnosed with dementia he panics and complains. When Katie’s condition unexpectedly deteriorates, Andy (El Anthony) accuses Duffy of missing something, and she’s forced to defend herself. Will Charlie stand up for Duffy?

Elle gets an offer she can’t refuse

Jacob is delighted Elle's been promoted but will Connie be as enthusiastic?

Jacob is delighted Elle’s been promoted but will Connie be as enthusiastic?

Elle Gardner discovers she’s being offered the clinical lead job at The Royal after a successful interview. But there’s a catch… they want her to start in two week’s time. A rare Casualty being, Elle wants to work her notice, but just how will Connie take the news that she’s flying the Holby nest?

Connie. It’s complicated…

Is everyone in Holby ED blind to Connie's private torment?

Is everyone in Holby ED blind to Connie’s private torment?

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp confines herself to her office this week. Something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the ED staff, who are swamped with patients.

When Connie does venture out, it’s mainly to tell locum Will Noble that he can pack his bags once his contract is finished!

Later, Elle’s confused when she final ‘fesses up to Connie that she’s off in two weeks (the equivalent of 12-months notice in Holby Land) and isn’t given a scathing reception…Will she realise Connie’s secretly suffering?

Also this week

Will, Archie and Robyn collectively freeze when Connie appears on the ward!

Will, Archie and Robyn collectively freeze when Connie appears on the ward!

Doctor Ethan Hardy and Duffy have a heart-to-heart when Duffy’s medical skills come under scrutiny. Is he thinking about his own Huntington’s disease diagnosis?

Jan feels compelled to tell Iain about the important role Ruby played in saving his life and how it’s affected the young paramedic.

Hospital porter Gem Dean worries when Iain doesn’t answer her texts and calls. Will this lead to conflict between brother and sister?

Robyn Miller urges Will to tell Connie about why he didn’t make consultancy interview.

And is David Hide about to channel his inner Cilla Black and play matchmaker?