Casualty spoilers: Louise rescues Connie and hunts for her attacker!

Louise goes on the hunt for Connie’s mystery assailant, Connie is in shock in Casualty following her assault, and Iain attempts to begin a new chapter

Everything you need to know about this week’s Casualty, from Louise rescuing Connie to Iain’s tentative first steps towards therapy. Warning: Contains spoilers!

Louise to Connie’s rescue in Casualty

Brave nurse Louise Tyler saves Connie's life and then tries to catch her attacker

Brave nurse Louise Tyler saves Connie’s life and then tries to catch her attacker

Senior nurse Louise Tyler springs into action when she finds severely injured Connie Beauchamp barely unconscious on a stairwell outside Holby Hospital this week.

Picking up minutes after last week’s brutal assault by an unknown assailant, Louise races Connie to Resus, where shocked colleagues Doctor Dylan Keogh and nurse David Hide take charge of their clinical lead’s urgent care.

Connie owes her life to Louise

Connie owes her life to Louise

Although shaken by events, Louise realises time is of the essence. The police are called and hospital security scrutinise CCTV but with fragile Connie (Amanda Mealing) unable to remember her vicious ordeal, Louise orders all nurses with body cameras to hand them in immediately.

Meanwhile, Louise (Azuka Oforka) begins to form suspicions about the identity of the culprit and sets out to prove it…

Can Louise catch Connie’s cowardly attacker?

Read our interview with Amanda Mealing, where she discusses the prime suspects in Connie’s attack!

Iain’s therapy gets off to a shaky start

After months of secret torment paramedic Iain Dean bravely takes his first steps towards addressing his deepening depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Can Iain summon the strength to be honest with his new therapist?

Can Iain summon the strength to be honest with his new therapist?

Once in his session, however, Iain finds it difficult to open up to his new therapist and downplays his agonising mental health sufferings. He even leaves the session early, worringly asserting he’s ‘fine’.

Later, Iain (Michael Stevenson) is reluctant to attend an emergency call with paramedic partner Ruby Sparks at St Simon’s House, a Holby care home. Who is the mystery woman he spots from one of the windows?

After a painful encounter with a figure from his past, will Iain return to therapy and open up about his traumatic experiences?

See below for more on this story!

Also this week in Casualty

Which member of ED staff shocks Charlie to his core beliefs?

Which member of ED staff shocks Charlie to his core beliefs?

In addition to helping Connie, Louise is also grieving the tragic death of patient Ernest. Her attempts to protect Connie and comfort Ernest’s daughter Lilley, however, turn out to be incompatible missions, leaving Louise contemplating her roles.

Elsewhere, Ruby’s confidence as a paramedic grows.

Connie is more deeply affected by the attack than her colleagues realise.

Marty decides to play cupid between a patient and his ex-girlfriend. Will the junior nurse regret interfering?

Gem excitedly makes travel plans with boyfriend Rash.

And Charlie is stunned when a valued member of staff makes a shocking personal confession.


That lady who Iain spots in the window of St Simon’s House? It’s none other than his mother, Kim Harrison! You may remember there’s no love lost between Kim (played by the excellent Sian Reeves) and her children Iain and Gem.

Mum's the word! Iain pays Kim a visit

Mum’s the word! Iain pays Kim a visit

We can’t give too much away, other than to say there’s an emotional reunion between Iain and Kim.

Has Kim given up alcohol? Will Iain open up to her about his troubled state of mind? And who is going to tell Gem? All will be revealed in this Saturday’s Casualty…

For more on this story and it’s aftermath pick up the next edition of What’s on TV on 20 February for a very special interview with Michael Stevenson, who plays troubled Iain Dean