Casualty spoilers: Desperate Alicia has no one to turn to

Alicia attempts to cope in any way she can… How long before Alicia finally shares her pain?

We wish Alicia had someone to confide in after her ordeal. Having junior doctor Bea as a flatmate hasn’t helped as much as Alicia would like, plus Bea’s beginning to notice that Alicia isn’t herself and is asking questions.

Alicia attempts to keep a lid on her rape horror by turning to booze, cigarettes and focusing on work. How long before the facade cracks and she shares her pain?

Will Connie and Elle’s road trip adventure end in friendship or fighting?

Elsewhere it looks like a new female friendship is in utero when Connie and Elle go on an unscheduled road trip! It starts out badly (Connie’s uncompromisingly in the driving seat) and gets worse… When they pull into a petrol station Connie and Elle interrupt a heist!

How far will David go to convince people he’s not the man in the photofit?

Meanwhile, back at Holby ED nurse David Hide finds himself at the centre of some unwanted attention. How far will he go to stop strangers thinking he’s a perverted criminal after an uncanny photofit appears in the local paper.

Is Rash ready to reel in his love-interest and tell Gem how he feels?

Also this week, things hot up when Sam invites Jacob to join her on ambulance duties. Dylan goes to great lengths to avoid helping Connie with her trauma centre presentation.

Robyn regrets getting involved in Louise’s parking fine protest. And  Rash and Gem are in danger of killing Connie’s pet fish!