Cat fight! Bianca and Roxy go at it

Bianca has missed Tiff’s parents’ evening and a teacher turns up to tell Bianca that a struggling Tiff needs a maths tutor. Although there’s no way Bianca can afford a tutor, Bianca feels bad when Tiff wonders why other kids can afford what they want. Meanwhile, a smitten Roxy is even more loved up when Alfie offers to look after an ill Amy for the day.

After discovering that some of her make up is missing, Bianca storms over to the Vic to accuse Shenice. Roxy defends Shenice and it comes out that Tiff gave Shenice the make up. A wound up Bianca launches herself at Roxy, who gives as good as she gets! When Derek pulls Roxy off Bianca, Alfie demands Derek let go of her. Roxy swoons at her hero and Christian clocks her look.

Mandy does her best to make the cafe a success and works her socks off charming the customers on the first day after the relaunch. Ian turns up and is shocked at how well she’s done with the takings. Mandy is defeated after Derek suggests Mandy flirted her way to success and Ian believes him.

Also, Ben plots to use his psychiatric report to get out of returning to school.