Cat is told Erin’s done a runner

Sonya and Toadie have to break the news to Cat that Erin has done a runner. Sonya tracks Erin down at the Antique Shop, where Erin’s just pawned the things she stole from Brennan. She is clearly a broken woman, who’s fresh out of hope. Sonya finally realises that, despite her best efforts, there’ll be no happy ending for Erin.

Lucy and Chris are both gearing up for their home insemination, but Paul is concerned that Lucy hasn’t organised a written contract. Chris, Nate and Lucy sit down to work things out, but when the topic of education arises, Chris starts to realise that he has some strong opinions. It’s clear that she and Chris have a lot more to discuss…

Lou’s arrived home from Cambodia, and is a little perturbed to hear that Daniel’s bar is taking business away from Harold’s. Sheila, however, already has a cunning plan, and has hired a gorgeous new bartender, Andrés. Lou, determined to give Harold’s the edge, poaches Andrés away, much to the disgust of Sheila. This means war!