Crimes against children are the hardest for the police to deal with emotionally but they still have to be solved. In this tense episode, Detectives Ronnie Brooks and Matt Devlin are on the case when a missing 10-year-old girl is found dead in a skip. And, as the investigation develops, it becomes equally difficult for CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) officers James Steel and Alesha Phillips to take the crime to court.

Young Jodie Gaines was on her way to her music lesson when she disappeared. The cab driver insists he dropped her off at her teacher’s house. The teacher says she never arrived. Two weeks later, Jodie’s body is found. Witnesses put Brooks and Devlin on to Nick Carlton, who’s charged with Jodie’s murder. But before he can be put on trial, Jodie’s mum Kayleigh, a recovering junkie, kills him.

Senior prosecutor James Steel wants Kayleigh to be convicted of murder, but his junior colleague, Alesha Phillips, thinks that harsh. The jury agrees with her but before Kayleigh is freed, Devlin and Brooks discover some shocking new evidence…

It turns out Kayleigh and Nick weren’t strangers to each other. So, should she be tried for Nick’s murder, or for Jodie’s – or both? James and Alesha struggle to agree on how they should proceed with the case to best see justice done.