Cathy discovers Nessa’s secret

Roy confronts Nessa with the letter and she admits she and Alan were having an affair. Ken’s appalled at her admission. Panicking, Nessa implores Roy not to tell Cathy and admitting there are more incriminating letters, asks Roy to take her to Cathy’s house to retrieve them. Roy agrees, but as they arrive they find her in tears having discovered the letters.

When Nick tries to engage Carla in a conversation about wedding menus with Robert, she can’t look him in the eye. Visiting Rob in prison, Rob tells Carla that if Johnny doesn’t pay up, he’ll reveal the truth to Aidan and Kate. Pointing out it’s not her problem, Carla leaves. But later, she meets Kate and Aidan, intent on telling them the truth.

Joanne suggests they spend the evening watching a DVD and Kevin has little choice but to agree. Masking her jealousy, Anna agrees to attend another singles night with Erica.

Tracy gives Todd a book on flowers to read, if he wants a job in her shop. Later, Amy later tests Todd on flower names. Norris remarks how subdued Mary’s been recently.