Has Cathy heard Roy’s confession?

It's Cathy's wedding day - but will she overhear Roy confessing his reluctance to marry her?

As Audrey works on Cathy’s hair, Cathy takes a call from Roy telling her that Tyrone can no longer make the wedding. Cathy hurries home to pick up her Dictaphone, worried she’ll forget her vows, meanwhile Brian and Tyrone set off to the church determined to clear the air with Roy, who accepts their apology, insisting they stay for the wedding.

Alex, Chesney, Sinead, Faye, Sally, Tim, Rita, Norris, Mary, Tyrone, Brian, Audrey, Bethany and Roy gather in the church awaiting Cathy’s arrival. Nessa begs Cathy to let her give her away and Cathy reluctantly agrees. She takes out her Dictaphone intending to go over her vows again, but will she discover the accidental recording of Roy’s confession?

Anna confides in Kevin that Peter wants her out of the flat as he’s moving back in. Upset, she also explains she won’t be going to Roy and Cathy’s wedding as her scars are so painful.

In an attempt to call a truce, Peter offers to run Robert and Nick to a wine tasting and thanks Nick for all that he’s done for Simon.

 It’s obvious Mary’s avoiding Norris. When Andy accompanies Gail to sprinkle Michael’s ashes, he makes his feelings known. Michelle and Steve discover the sex of their baby.