Cathy’s at home when a huge pile of boxes suddenly come tumbling down upon her. Roy’s concerned when she fails to show up at the curry night and goes to her house. Realising she’s trapped, he breaks the door down and rescues her from the pile of debris. Pointing out that her house is a potential death trap, Roy vows to do something about it.

As Alya prepares for a business meeting, she’s suddenly overcome with nausea and leaves Sally to deal with the client. In the Rovers loos, Alya looks at a pregnancy testing kit, but loses her nerve and shoves it back in her bag.

Sarah confronts Bethany demanding to know why she said Callum eyes up other women and Bethany squirms with humiliation. Apologising to Callum, Bethany assures him from now on she’ll do anything he wants and it’s clear Callum has got Bethany right where he wants her…

Eileen and Michael spend the night together and Eileen enjoys rubbing Gail’s nose in it, but Michael’s unimpressed by her childish behaviour.