Caught out! Rebecca is on to scheming Robert in Emmerdale

Rebecca finally works out Robert has been doing wrong to the Whites

The colour drains from Robert’s face when Rebecca tells him she’s just seen something which has led her to work out he’s been scamming her family. Panicked, Robert is trying to claw together an explanation to save himself when Chrissie bursts in, saying she thinks her son Lachlan has killed himself…

At Jacob’s Fold, Debbie’s new pad, a delivery arrives. It’s a set of furniture – a gift from Debbie’s rich boyfriend Tom. Seeing as he’s already bought her the house, which the independent mum wasn’t happy about, the gesture doesn’t go down well.

Struggling mum Moira admits that losing her daughter Holly, who died of a drugs overdose, has left her in constant fear that her baby son Isaac will be taken from her, too.