Has Caz outed Maria and Aidan in Corrie?

Caz Hammond reveals to Eva that Aidan was at Maria's the previous night.

Aidan tells Maria that last night was a mistake and then presents Evs with a necklace, telling her he wants to forget about their recent fall out. When Eva quizzes him about the previous night, Aidan lies that he was with a mate. But things get awkward at the Bistro when Aidan and Eva join Maria and Luke at their table. Caz calls in offering to collect Liam from the babysitter and asks Aidan if he saw Liam’s toy car when he was round last night forcing Eva to question why he lied to her.

After some words of advice from Robert, Nick promises Leanne he’ll stop hassling her and that from now on they’re just friends. But it’s clear she’s secretly jealous when he flirts with a customer.

When Sean asks Gary what’s the secret of his successful relationship, Gary struggles for an answer and Izzy’s upset.

When Kirk suggests to Sean he should move in with Norris as he really enjoyed himself there, Beth takes offence. Gemma reluctantly takes the job of paperboy at the Kabin. Tim realises Michelle wants to start a family and Steve admits he’s not keen.