As the NHS marks its 70th anniversary, what is daily life really like for those who work tirelessly to keep us well?

In this eye-opening two-parter, four celebrities scrub up with medics at London’s King’s College Hospital to gain an insight into the pressures they face.

While Stacey Dooley, who had a heart murmur as a child, visits the pioneering Heart Attack Centre and Liver Unit, Paralympian Jonnie Peacock (pictured above with Dooley), who has undergone numerous operations, looks at life on the Children’s Ward and in theatre.

Elsewhere, broadcaster Michael Mosley is reminded of the stresses of resus 30 years after he trained as a doctor and former Shadow Health Secretary Ann Widdecombe visits the Urgent Care department and investigates bed management.

A fascinating watch.

TV Times rating: ****