Celine gets her hands on a Golden Ticket!

Cameron is dressed up as Willy Wonka and gives Celine a Golden Ticket to her Christmas adventure. She follows his clues to the boat and finds a Christmas grotto, but Cameron is nowhere to be seen. Elsewhere, Cameron thinks Peri and Leela are coming home when he overhears Tegan on the phone organising a visit. He’s devastated when he finds out it’s Leah and Lucas coming to surprise Ste. Cameron returns to the boat – but Celine’s had enough of being at the bottom of his list of priorities.

Ste feels guilty after his latest binge, while Tony and Tegan are planning a Christmas surprise for him. Tony leaves Ste alone in his flat looking after Ant and Dee Dee, but desperate for another hit, Ste pops next door and locks himself out. Tony and Tegan come up the City Steps with Leah and Lucas and are disappointed when they realise Ste is high.

When Lindsey fakes a panic attack to get Joe’s attention, he comes to the rescue and tells Lindsey she can stay at the Roscoes’ – she’s won. Mercedes is furious when she sees them looking cosy with JJ at the grotto and, when she finds out that Joe isn’t going on holiday with her, she decides to go alone.

Also, Joanne tries to hide her heartbreak when Simone tells her she’s pregnant. Louis begs Joanne to take Simone off the case, but Simone overhears.