Celine gets in a proper mess!

Simone wants to treat Lisa to a pamper day so they can bond properly. Lisa doesn’t show up to meet Simone at the bus stop and goes to Louis’ football camp instead. Kyle also turns up and makes lewd comments to Celine who’s doing a defibrillator demo. Kyle and Zack turn on each other but when Kyle pushes Zack, Celine goes flying into a pile of soil and is humiliated.

As Celine gets changed in the girl’s toilets at school, Kyle sneaks in and takes a photo of her in her underwear. Cameron threatens Kyle to delete the photo, but is concerned about Celine when she starts to cry. Celine tells Cameron about her past eating disorder and, while holding a pair of surgical gloves, starts to reveal that when she gets hurt, she does bad things at work… is she the Gloved Hand?

Carly’s relieved when Ben allows her to go to a rehab centre in Scotland. Sienna realises she was wrong about Nancy and races to The Dog to check she’s OK after spiking her drink. When she sees Nancy is alive, Sienna gets rid of the spiked water. Later, Ben tells Sienna he loves her.

Meanwhile, Trevor recognises Carly as the girl who testified against someone he knows. Sienna sees Ben and Carly’s tearful goodbye and, unaware that Carly is Ben’s daughter, gets in her car and angrily follows Carly. Sienna tracks her down at Ben’s flat and the girls fight. Nico comes to her mum’s defence and hits Carly with a paper weight… and when Carly falls lifeless on the floor, Nico thinks she’s killed her!

Also, Darren’s frustrated that Maxine is spending more time with Patrick to discuss their new arrangements for Minnie.