Cameron tells Celine that Dirk’s letting him use the boat as a kitchen. They decide to pick up where they left off yesterday and Cameron starts to unbutton her shirt, just as Pete arrives – again! Pete continues to chip away at Celine’s confidence with sly comments about her weight. A flustered Celine drops her handbag when she bumps into Dr S’Avage – and, as she does, there’s a brief glimpse of some surgical gloves and a syringe in her bag…

When DS Thorpe arrives to arrest Nico over Carly’s death, Ben heads to the police station to talk to Sienna, confused about why Nico’s involved. Sienna lies about why she and Nico were at his house and Ben assumes ‘Ashley’ must have followed them to find Carly. Sienna and Nico are free to go but, as they’re about to leave the station, Nancy arrives and tells Ben she thinks Trevor killed Carly!

Nancy explains she was with Trevor when he recognised Carly on CCTV footage from outside The Loft, and suggests Trevor was paid to kill Carly. With that, Ben confronts Trevor and punches him. It escalates into a fight and Trevor’s arrested on suspicion of Carly’s murder. Nico runs off, followed by Maxine, and is about to confess to killing Carly when Sienna arrives. Will she keep quiet?

Also, as Theresa wonders why Patrick still hasn’t given her the necklace, Darren’s jealous about Patrick and Maxine’s closeness. Darren refuses to shake Patrick’s hand and, when Darren shrugs him off, Patrick falls over.