Dwayne Johnson is so hilarious in this freewheeling spy comedy-cum-buddy movie that he makes his co-star, motor-mouth comedian Kevin Hart, look like the film’s straight man.

Johnson is a formerly flabby victim of high-school bullying who has grown up to become a deadly CIA agent, while Hart is the one-time school star who failed to live up to his potential and is now a staid accountant.

On the eve of their school reunion, Johnson turns up out of the blue and cajoles Hart into helping him expose a mysterious arms dealer.

To be honest, the story’s espionage shenanigans are fairly routine, but the comic disparity between Johnson’s giant physique and Hart’s diminutive stature gives the film a head start when it comes to milking laughs and the pair’s rapport more than makes up for director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s bland handling.

In the end, though, it’s Johnson’s genial goofiness that makes the movie such fun.