The invisible line drawn between teachers and pupils is easy to trip over if you’re not careful – as Spanish teacher Cesca Montoya discovers…

Cesca is a little too honest when she gives pupils a lesson in drugs awareness. It leads to Sam asking her for money to buy drugs. The cheek! But it turns out Sam wants to buy drugs from Amy and Lauren so she can bin them and protect her friends. Amy doesn’t know a good friend when she sees one, though and frames Sam. Suddenly, Sam faces being expelled and Cesca is having her knuckles rapped. Head Teacher Karen has to sort out the mess and decide if Cesca is worth keeping.

Grantly’s another teacher with a questionable future at Waterloo Road – especially after Ruby catches him asleep on the job. Ruby wants an explanation, but Grantly’s saying nothing… Until someone turns up at the school and forces Grantly to reveal the hell he’s living in at home. The situation also forces Ruby to confront some painful truths about her marriage and find an unexpected way to improve marital relations.

Young Harry’s life needs improving, too. He’s being badly bullied and trying to laugh it off. Child genius Ruth decides he has to defend himself and shows him how – with terrific results. Give the boy a gold star!