Cesca and Jonah get a rude awakening

Despite her best efforts over the last few weeks, Cesca has completely failed to fight her feelings for Jonah, and the pair are now in too deep. This week, a dramatic discovery brings them back down to earth with a bump, and might just change the course of both their lives.

But while Cesca has always been attracted to Jonah’s maturity, it seems he’s not displaying it when it really matters, preferring to let his hair down at a party. The do in question is being thrown in an abandoned mill by Finn and Ronan, and has been the talk of Waterloo Road’s corridors. The event gets off to a good start, but things take a violent turn when some uninvited guests turn up.

Meanwhile, Bex prepares to run away with Hodge, despite Jess’s pleas with her to stay. A worried Karen finds out about Bex’s plan and enlists Chris’s help to track her down. But the matter can’t end well, and a dramatic showdown results after an increasingly desperate Hodge takes both Jess and Bex captive.