Chantelle’s mixed messages may save a baby

Loveable nurse Chantelle Lane is under pressure to prove herself this week. Having told Chantelle to trust her instincts, Ric asks her to look after patient Sarah, who’s had a fall at 25 weeks’ pregnant, but is refusing any treatment that may harm her baby.

When Sarah crashes and is rushed into theatre for brain surgery, Ric trusts Chantelle to tell Sarah’s partner James that her condition is serious but stresses she mustn’t give him false hope.

But when James asks if Sarah’s going to live, Chantelle can’t help but say she’ll be fine. James is furious when Ric and Serena reveal Sarah is brain dead and Ric takes Chantelle off the case.

However, at a meeting, Chantelle finds the courage to speak up for the unborn baby and the other doctors agree to keep Sarah on life-support, to allow the baby to develop.

Then, when complications occur in the pregnancy, it’s Chantelle who convinces James to allow the baby to be delivered by Caesarean and refuses to give up hope. Have her instincts prove right?

Elsewhere, Michael’s furious that he’s missing his son’s birthday because he’s been pulled into work. Will he realise that sometimes his first commitment should be to his family – not the hospital?

And Elliot’s exam results are in and overall he has achieved excellent scores. But when his star student starts doubting herself, Elliot has to give her the confidence she needs to keep studying.