Charity and Cain catch the cheaters!

So cowardly Cameron, who has just finished telling Debbie he loves her, not Chas, has now run to Chas and is trying to persuade her to run away with him. It’s their only option, he says. Well, it’s definitely the safest option! But Chas doesn’t want to run… And she can’t, anyway, when Charity gets her in a headlock! Mama and Papa Dingle know what Chas and Cameron did and how they have hurt their daughter, Debbie. Now they want Dingle justice! And Cain’s armed with a crowbar! Is he going to use it to prise the whole truth out of Chas and Cameron??? He doesn’t have to… Chas confesses all and tells the cops she killed Carl in self defence because he was trying to rape her.

Of course, what cowardly Cameron hasn’t told anyone is that he murdered “I’m indestructible” Carl (who turned out to be quite easy to destroy – with a simple brick to the head). So Jimmy’s terrified he’s going to be jailed for a murder he didn’t commit and Chas thinks she’s a killer…

Gennie’s feeling a bit homicidal with Georgia around – and no wonder! Look up the definition of “know-it-all” in the dictionary and there’ll be a picture of Georgia. Still, Gennie and Nikhil get to do one thing their way: they name their daughter Molly.