Charity and Cain celebrate their dirty deal!

*Hour episode*

Wow! Ripping off the Kings is a real turn-on for Charity and Cain! Together with Cameron, they’ve nicked off with the Kings’ haulage trucks and sold them for a tidy profit, then they celebrate their dirty deal with a passionate kiss – after they’ve sent Cameron packing (they’re not going to share their funny business with him, just their thieving business). Back in Emmerdale, Carl and Jimmy discover their computers have been wiped and the trucks are gone. Carl gets straight onto the cops then launches an attack at Debbie and Cameron. They deny everything, naturally, but Carl didn’t just blow in with the autumn leaves…

Neither did Jai and he wants to know what’s going on between Charity and Cain. Everyone tells him they’re just united in their concern over Sarah – everyone except Cain. He takes great pleasure in giving Charity a kiss on the cheek right in front of Jai, but Jai’s not prepared to turn the other cheek. So Charity admits turning over the Kings to help Cameron, but doesn’t tell him about Cain’s other kiss, the passionate one. Still, Jai’s not happy.

Laurel’s not happy, either. Rachel knows too much about her and Marlon and she won’t shut up.