Charity and Cain roll out their new business… Perched in a posh hotel and disguised in a wig and glasses, Charity goes to work on their first their first target while Cain – still looking like himself in a flat cap and glasses – watches from the bar. The guy’s not alone, though. His girlfriend appears and Charity has to make herself scarce. Cain thinks they’ve wasted their time but Charity produces a set of car keys and a naughty smile. Once Cain has moved the merchandise, they’re in the money! But can they steer clear of trouble?

Unlike Charity and Cain, Aaron is desperate to keep a low profile. Still determined not to be known as the only gay in the village, he flies into a panic when Jackson turns up in Emmerdale and quickly agrees to meet him in Hotten later for a drink. Phew! But Aaron loses his nerve… Meanwhile, Eli is bold as brass with Olena, telling her he’s falling for her, and they kiss.

Elsewhere, Katie and Andy see that Eve is back in the village. They haven’t forgotten the trouble she caused years ago with the accidental death of their teacher and don’t give her a warm welcome. But other villagers think Eve is hot.

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