Jason Merrells (Cutting It, Waterloo Road, Lark Rise to Candleford) joins Emmerdale as Declan, the latest target in Charity and Cain’s car-stealing scam. Back in disguise, Charity sweet-talks Declan at a bar, then swipes his car keys when he’s on the phone. But Charity and Cain have driven up the wrong street this time… As Charity celebrates in The Woolpack, Declan walks in with Nikhil and Jai. Ooops. She slips out and tells Cain then tries to return the car. But Declan catches her in the act and shocks her with a proposal: rather than call the police, he wants her to meet him for a drink…

Charity’s not the only Dingle with a guilty conscience… As the fall-out from Olena’s arrest continues, Sam feels so bad about reporting her that he decides to leave Emmerdale. The family turns on Eli, blaming him for Sam’s decision. But Eli’s not prepared to be the fall guy and tells Sam that Olena stayed away from him because of Zak’s threats. Now what will Sam do?

One Dingle who is happy is Aaron. Jackson is helping him feel at home in the gay bar and Aaron agrees to see him again.

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