Charity and Chas make plans for Jai’s dosh

Charity and Chas have put their heads together and come up with a way that Chas can make her business dream come true. Charity thinks she can get Jai to invest in The Woolpack, with Chas at the pumps – she just has to find the right moment to ask him. Great idea, thinks Chas. Hmmmm, just how tightly has Charity got Jai wrapped around her little finger? Maybe not as tightly as she thinks.

Kelly, on the other hand, may soon have Jimmy right where she wants him. Jimmy’s convinced Kelly can help him recover his memory and is determined to see her – even lying to Nicola about where he’s going. Carl tries to convince Jimmy that the memories of his time with Kelly aren’t good and aren’t worth pursuing, but Jimmy won’t listen.

Aaron tries to convince Hazel to confront Jackson about his video diary, but this mother thinks she knows what’s best for her son – and it’s not confrontation. Hazel thinks she just has to show Jackson that life is worth living and he’ll stop wishing he were dead. Aaron thinks she’s very wrong…

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