*First episode*

Charity is quick to start celebrating with Declan after an update from the Dingles’ solicitor. Having heard Sam will face a minimum of seven years in prison for supposedly setting fire to Home Farm, she knows Rachel will be seriously considering taking the rap to save her fiance. Reckoning she’s got Declan’s arson and, most importantly, her revenge on Rachel and Jai’s betrayal all sewn up, Charity’s on a high.

When Jacob claims to be ill, David and Alicia allow Leyla to take care of her estranged son. But it soon becomes clear the little lad is skiving off, though Leyla is quick to deny it when Alicia twigs. David fumes at the impossible situation that has been created by Leyla’s return.

With Val still in a bad mood, Pollard decides to set a trap to try to find out what his wife’s problem is. Will guilty and terrified Val confess she’s had an affair, which may have left her with HIV?