Charity and Jai say ‘I do’! (VIDEO)

Yes, Charity and Jai finally get married, but there are a few potholes on their road to a happy day…

First, there’s Jai and Nikhil – or rather, there isn’t Jai and Nikhil. They’re still not talking because Nikhil, well, he’s a jerk and he’s not going to his brother’s wedding. Declan is Jai’s Best Man and he does a wonderful job – by getting the brothers to talk and getting Nikhil to the register office. Getting Charity there is another matter entirely…

Charity’s getting ready for her big day, but is upset that Debbie won’t be there. Sarah is going to be her bridesmaid, though, and Debbie’s getting her ready when the little girl wonders if she’ll ever get married because she’s so ill. Desperate to give her daughter hope, Debbie does a pregnancy test – and it’s positive! She’s thrilled, but Cameron isn’t. He can’t handle her having Andy’s baby and he leaves.

Charity hears all about this from Sarah as they head to the register office. She turns around and rushes back to Emmerdale. She tells Cameron he has to understand that Debbie’s done what she’s done for Sarah. Then she helps Cain comfort their daughter. Which means she’s with her ex when she’s supposed to be at Jai’s side.

*Second episode*

Charity does make it to the register office – and she has Debbie with her. Cain knows he has lost Charity and he finally puts someone else before his own feelings. In a heartbreaking moment of maturity, Cain encourages Debbie to go to her mother’s wedding. So, in front of friends and family, Charity marries the man she truly loves – and who truly loves her.

Cameron shows his love for Debbie by following her to the registry office. He’s not happy, though, when he sees Debbie with Andy at the reception in The Woolpack. Debbie tells Andy that Cameron must never know they slept together and he agrees. Charity and Jai see none of this. They have eyes only for each other and are very much the happy couple as they drive away from the pub. So Charity also doesn’t see Cain watching her and she doesn’t see the sorrow in his eyes.

There’s sorrow, too, for Moira. Not all of her children are happy to have her help at home and farmer John’s getting friendly with Chas. Let him go, woman! He doesn’t deserve you.