Charity and Jimmy face off (VIDEO)

Anyone would think that Charity and Jimmy were practising for a gurning contest the way they’re pulling faces at each other. If they were, Jimmy would definitely win… But that’s about all he would win just now. Charity has done a good deal for some lorries and Carl’s ready to put his hand in his pocket, but Jimmy is sulking and keeping his wallet closed. Carl’s not having that, though… Help pay for the trucks, he tells Jimmy, or he’ll put up his rent and get the money that way. Oooooh, when Nicola hears that, she’ll be pulling faces, too.

Marlon’s wearing a worried face after Rhona tells him she saw Laurel looking very cosy with Ashley. Rhona sure knows how to push Marlon’s buttons! Laurel was actually about to tell Ashley about her relationship with Marlon. But Ashley was being so grateful for Laurel helping him rebuild his relationship with Gabby that she didn’t want to hurt him. Trouble is, now Marlon wonders if Laurel really wants him. Nastily played, Rhona!

David and Priya are wearing happy faces – on the inside. On the outside, Priya has solemnly promised Nikhil that she will stop running after David… And David has promised Nikhil that he won’t see Priya. But Priya has no intention of keeping her promise – and she talks David into seeing her in secret. Uh-oh.