It’s the grand reopening of neighbouring game reserve, Mara, and a British wildlife charity wants to use the event to release a vulture back into the wild. Mara’s ambitious new manager Fatani asks Danny to oversee the release and Sarah to help take care of the guests. This is great news for the Trevanions – the extra money and publicity should certainly help keep the bailiffs at bay.

The charity entourage arrives: glamorous spokesperson Tessa Roebuck, Dora Aitken, lifelong patron of the charity, her husband Bill and the star attraction, Vinnie the vulture. Danny’s not convinced that domesticated Vinnie is fit for release, but Tessa insists that he proceed.

Elsewhere, Dora asks Rosie to help put the spark back into her marriage to grumbling husband Bill so Rosie enlists the help of Max to create a romantic, tented safari in the bush. Back at Mara, the champagne flows as Vinnie is released back into the wild. Next door, Thandi is struggling with Evan and Olivia but when she manages to scare off the bailiffs, they suddenly have a newfound respect for her.

On the way back from dropping Dora and Bill to their camp, Rosie and Max find an injured Vinnie on the roadside and with a badly shattered wing his chances of survival are low. With Fatani and Tessa desperate to keep the truth from the assembled media the pressure is on Danny save the day.