Charity blackmails Ross!

Having blackmailed Emma, Charity turns her attentions to Ross! The newly released jailbird needs cash – and fast. When Ross realises Charity has blackmailed his mum, he confronts her and reels as she turns on him, revealing, to his horror, that she knows he was the one who tried to shoot Robert Sugden last year.

Proud of her brand new baby Eliza, Megan is keen to show her off. And she’s determined to provide for her daughter herself, leaving Jai stunned when she tells him she won’t be needing his financial help. Needing to secure a salary, Megan approaches Leyla about coming back on board with the business.

Laurel’s getting ready for her upcoming wedding and wants her dad at the rehearsal. In a moment alone with Pollard at the B&B, troubled dad Doug, who’s trying to lose himself in DIY, admits he doesn’t want his daughter marrying Ashley as he’s worried about what the future will hold.