Determined to make sure Debbie doesn’t find out he slept with her mum and got her pregnant, Ross visits Charity in prison. She soon works out why he’s so adamant she keeps quiet about him being Moses’ father. Spotting an opportunity, Charity agrees to keep it secret – as long as he makes good on some demands…

Meanwhile, Debbie’s mustered up the courage and is about to break Pete’s heart, calling off the engagement so she can be with his bad boy brother Ross. But when her fiancée informs her Ross was involved in the hijack, Debbie is disgusted. Sneaking out to confront Ross, Debbie’s sent reeling when her lover is unable to deny it, having previously told her it was nothing to do with him. Has Ross blown his chance with Debbie?

When Bob notices Jimmy selling stuff, he feels terrible about his part in Jimmy’s demise. Offering to help out, Bob stuffs money among Jimmy’s boxes before pretending to find it. But his guilty gesture backfires.