Charity and Cain leave Emmerdale

Reunited exes Cain and Charity say their goodbyes in Emmerdale as they head off to France

*First episode*

Having had to leave baby Moses with Ross and Noah with Moira, Charity’s already in pieces when she then says goodbye to the Dingles. But she’s determined to go ahead with her fresh start in her renewed relationship with Cain. A new life in France, where their daughter Debbie and their grandchildren live, awaits. But Charity’s not set to get her happy ending …

At Home Farm, Lawrence is stuck in the middle between his daughters. When Lawrence refuses Chrissie’s request that he gets rid of Rebecca, Chrissie does an about-turn and appears to be extending an olive branch to her sister. But is she?

Newly wed Tracy and David return from honeymoon and soon find they have a house guest in their love nest! Elsewhere, Kerry plans a Halloween party.