Charity can’t control her anger

Consumed by rage over Jai’s betrayal – with him having slept with Rachel and borne her son – Charity’s struggling to keep it together. When Noah asks what’s going on, she spells the sordid truth out to her son, in no uncertain terms. Debbie’s not impressed by her mum’s outburst and warns Charity not to deprive Noah of a father figure.

Rhona should be feeling better by now, having been prescribed antibiotics. But much to Paddy’s concern his wife is worse, if anything. Thing is, the recovering pill-addict is too scared she may relapse if she starts swallowing tablets so Rhona hasn’t started the treatment at all.

Talk about harsh… As Priya’s filling in the family about keeping her baby, David gets on her case about Alicia. Sparing no thought for her feelings despite their recent, sudden split just before they were due to wed, he warns Priya she must let his new girlfriend (secretly, his fiancee) be a part of their child’s life.