Jai struggles to comfort Megan as she makes preparations for Robbie’s wake, while Charity begins to clear out Declan’s things at Home Farm. When Megan arrives to find Charity getting rid of her brother’s stuff, she’s initially aggrieved, but the pair soon find themselves oddly united in their grief. As Megan crumbles to think she has lost her whole family, the two grieving women raise a toast to Declan’s memory… But is he dead?

Following the birth of baby Carl, Nicola’s relieved when Jimmy later says he doesn’t want to see Juliette or his son again, so she takes matters into her own hands by popping the papers in the post! But when Juliette lets Jimmy have one last cuddle with Carl, it seems he may want to be involved in his son’s life after all! What will he do when he realises Nicola’s already sent off the papers?

Harriet tells Bob she’s over Ashley, but is it just a lie she’s telling herself? And after Leyla tells Jai that nothing happened between her and Pete, she leans in for a kiss… Are they back on?