At the hospital, Charity makes an appearance escorted by a prison guard at her tiny son’s incubator. Debbie is furious with her mother, who seems totally unfazed by Moses’ condition. As the pair row, Debbie demands Charity let the baby’s father know his son is ill. Though the jailbird refuses, once Debbie has left, Charity picks up the phone and calls Moses’ dad. And with that, his identity is revealed… it’s Ross!

Back in the village, Pete comforts Debbie who’s in a real mess, which sends her lover Ross, and Moses’ secret dad, spinning when he claps eyes on them together.

There’s yet more argy bargy when Jai pitches up to see Archie with a doctor in tow. Jai just doesn’t believe Rachel’s claims that their lovechild son has been ill at all. Rachel’s anger scares her placid boyfriend.

Kerry’s stung when Joanie returns the gift she bought for Kyle, but she’s still determined to be reunited with her grandson. Marlon makes an effort to make the splintered group at Tall Trees feel like a family again.