*One-hour episode*

When Charity complains she’s got a pain in her stomach, but insists she will be fine, Megan is unimpressed by her blasé attitude. After making a few snide comments, Megan finds herself having another full-blown row with Charity. As Debbie walks in to find the pair squabbling, Megan knocks Charity to the floor. Wincing in pain, Charity spots the perfect opportunity to create a cover story for her termination – by making it look like Megan’s caused her to have a miscarriage!

Having spent the night at hospital, David wakes up to hear Priya tell him that there’s been no improvement in their ill baby’s condition. When he notices Priya hasn’t eaten her breakfast, David snaps and forces her to eat a cereal bar! Jai’s relieved to see his sister eat something, but isn’t sure about David’s guerrilla tactics. Eventually, the doctor arrives to talk to Priya and David about their baby – will it be good news?

Finn is shocked to see Simon while driving Declan’s car. As Simon still believes he’s rich businessman Declan Macey, Finn continues to keep up the pretence and arranges to meet him. But how long before Simon discovers Finn’s true identity?