Detective Charity has found out something about Debbie’s rich boyfriend Tom

Charity has found out something about Debbie's new boyfriend Tom and takes her daughter aside to tell her what she knows

It’s a big night Debbie who’s making her romance with rich Tom public by parading him for all to see at the Emmerdale Christmas lights switch-on do! But Charity has had a poke around into Tom’s background and has found out something she’s not happy about. When she shares the news with her daughter, what will Debbie do? And what is it that Charity has found out?

Leyla and Pete have been spending tons of time together in the wake of Emma’s death. But the exes’ overly close, renewed friendship hasn’t gone unnoticed. How will Leyla respond when Tracy makes a comment about her and Pete?

In other news, Lisa is in secret talks with Morris, the very man who’s spearheading a plan to mow down the Dingles’ home. While Zak is doing his best to fight against the council’s plans to bulldoze their home to make way for a new road, his wife is seriously considering a counter offer from Morris and slips his business card into her cardi pocket.

[Second episode of evening].