First Charity thought Jai’s barn conversions were hers to do with as she pleased – and it pleased her to use them to store stolen tellies. It didn’t please Jai, though! Now, Charity thinks The Woolpack – where she’s supposed to work – is there just for her to have a good time.

Chas isn’t impressed, though, especially when Charity picks a fight with Alicia and winds up Diane. They may share Dingle blood but that’s not going to get Charity a free ride behind Chas’s bar. It will get her after-hours drinks, though. Diane’s not happy about that, either, and questions whether Chas should have given Charity a job. She’s not the first to question Charity’s ability to do an honest day’s work – and she won’t be the last!

Leyla’s questioning how serious Alicia is about moving to Spain with Andy. She doesn’t really care about Alicia going, but she does fear she’s going to lose Jacob – not that she ever really had him.

Holly has something: a job at the Sharma brothers’ factory. So, what next for Holly? An addiction to toffees? Not if Nikhil can help it; he’s very prickly about Holly working for him.