Charity’s emotional blackmail of Cain pays off… Deciding it’s time to trust her, he takes her shopping with Debbie and stops off at his private cashpoint along the way – the one at the storage unit. Later, in her bedroom, she thanks Cain for his generosity then pops out for some champagne. She’s in the money and wants to celebrate. She also needs to see Carl – to tell him she’s got what she wanted and doesn’t need him. A furious Carl tells her he’ll make sure Cain learns the truth. Is Charity popping her cork prematurely?

Laurel must still have smoke in her eyes, as she starts to think she’s misjudged Sally after the would-be murderer apologises for the harsh words said before the fire. Laurel accepts the apology but, having noticed Sally’s rearranged her kitchen, she tells her to put things back the way they were. How will Sally take that? And why won’t she let Pearl and Betty visit Laurel?

Over at Mill Cottage, Nicola has her scheming cap on… She thinks Scarlett will make a great godmother for Angelica – and the fact that Scarlett will be coming into some money when she turns 18 has nothing to do with it. Does it?

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