Charity is dumped by Cain in Emmerdale!

Charity's heart breaks in two as Cain finishes with her and backs out of their move to France

*Second episode*

The reality of his decision to move away from Emmerdale, is too much for Cain to bear. Charity is absolutely floored as he refuses to leave with her. But her screams aren’t about to change the mechanic’s mind. Getting out of the car, he hands her the keys and tells her to say hi to their daughter Debbie from him. As Cain walks away, clearly feeling terrible about hurting Charity, her heart breaks… What will she do next?

It’s Lisa’s turn to cause problems for jealous Joanie, who’s getting fed up with Zak’s bond with his ex-wife.

At Home Farm, Chrissie fumes when Lawrence tells her he’s made Rebecca a partner in the family business.