Charity finds Jai’s not in a giving mood

Jai gives Charity a dose of her own medicine – and she doesn’t like the taste! Charity thought she was going to be quids in with the commission for selling the barn conversion. But Jai keeps it to cover the losses he suffered over her TV scam. Charity’s furious – especially as Nikhil gets a real buzz from seeing her played – and beaten – at her own game. So, now it’s war and Charity makes it clear to Jai that she’s going to prove she’s better at business than Nikhil – and poor Nikhil doesn’t even know he’s in a fight!

Everyone knows Jimmy and Nicola have been fighting for weeks. Then Laurel tells Jimmy that Nicola wanted a reconciliation before she saw him with Gennie. He explains to Nicola that nothing actually happened between him and Gennie and they agree to halt the divorce proceedings, but there’s no kissy-kissy making up because Jimmy doesn’t like the way she kept Angelica from him. Oh, dear…

David doesn’t like Leyla’s game at all. He gives Jacob his phone back, but it’s clear Leyla’s still coming between Jacob and Alicia when she cuts their phone call short.

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