Charity finds out Jai is Archie’s dad!

*Second episode*

It’s crunch time for Jai, Rachel and Sam, who are pushed into a corner as Charity totally flips her lid. As her fury takes over, Charity turns violent on the trio. Unable to bat off her suspicions and accusations any longer, the truth is exposed… Knowing her husband not only cheated on her with Rachel – but then let her believe his dad, Rishi, fathered Rachel’s secret love child, sends Charity’s rage off the scale…

Declan’s loving doing business with Gil, who’s set to buy the entrepreneur’s entire portfolio of Emmerdale properties. That is until Megan unearths a big problem. Katie’s name is on the deeds for Dale Head. This could ruin everything for cash-strapped Declan.

A speed-dating event sees saucy Sandy in his element. Shame the same can’t be said for his uptight son, who loses it when an attractive lady called Harriet tries to join him for a drink. Looks like Ashley is nowhere near over Laurel.