Charity forces Cain to get medical help

Charity is determined to find out what’s wrong with Cain, so she threatens to blab to Moira unless he tells her what’s going on. After Cain tells her his symptoms, Charity insists he goes straight to A&E. At the hospital, Charity supports Cain as he waits to see a doctor but he insists on going into the consulting room on his own. And he’s shocked to discover that he has a brain aneurysm and requires urgent surgery! But unable to cope with his shock diagnosis he rushes out and lies to Charity about his symptoms!

Katie’s found a flirty text from a contact listed as ‘A’ in Robert’s phone so he’s unnerved when she threatens to tell Chrissie that he’s cheating on her. After Katie shares her discovery with Chas it’s not long before Aaron hears that Katie has been looking through Robert’s phone. So when Aaron later tells him that Katie has been speaking to Chas about his affair, Robert makes it clear that the battle lines have been drawn between him and Katie…

Meanwhile, Pete realises that Finn isn’t going to let the subject of Emma lie, while Laurel is abstaining from alcohol but soon falls off the wagon when Nicola invites her for a drink!